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Off-Season Training Tier 1: Physically Dominate

This is our standard strength training package designed for the athlete who is looking to physically dominate their sport. This is the perfect package for anybody who wants a professionally written training program and elite coaching. From novice to elite athletes, all training levels are welcome and succeed in this program. We highly recommend this tier for any athletes who have not previously trained with Attack Sports.

What's Included

  • 1-on-1 testing session assessing movement capacity and qualities pertaining to the athlete’s sport. Specific tests are used to measure speed, strength, power, agility, rotational velocity, elastic utilization, aerobic capacity, reactive strength, and more

  • Comprehensive data presentation used to track progress over time and compare against elite athletes in their sport

  • Individualized training program written by a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) that targets sport demands, considers sport schedule, and closes the gap between an athlete’s current physical capacity and their long-term goals

  • Access to TeamBuildr software

  • Use of Enode Pro velocity tracking devices during training sessions

  • Close-knit community of highly driven athletes

  • Access to our weight room during drop-in hours. Experienced S&C coaches are present during these times to lead workouts and ensure perfect exercise technique


2 Days/Week: $280/month

This is typically recommended for athletes who are new to weightlifting and performance sport.

3 Days/Week: $360/month

This is our standard and most popular off-season training package. 

4 Days/Week: $480/month

This is for athletes who have experience with strength training and want something more. 

Important: Use the link below and navigate to prepaid packages. Once there, ensure that you select the correct package. 


After purchasing one of our training packages, please book a 60-minute testing session before attending any drop-in sessions.

Have Any Questions?

Picking the right option is important for continued success on your athletic journey. Book a short meeting with one of our strength coaches to find out which training package is best for you.

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