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Frequently Asked Questions

Here we have complied a list of frequently asked questions about our facility. If you cannot find your answer, would like further clarification or have a suggestion to add to our list, please contact us! 

General Questions

General Questions

1. Do you have water available at your facility?

Yes. We have a state of the art Elkay water bottle filling station located beside our front desk. 

2. Why do I have to sign a waiver?

There are always risks when participating in activities, drills, games and sport. Our waiver is there to provide information as to these risks that could occur and give us, at Attack Sports, permission to provide assistance if something were to happen. Our waiver also includes a media release as we may be taking pictures and/or videos of sessions or classes that occur. Please CLICK HERE for more information about our waivers. 

3. How early should I show up to a session or class at the facility?

Please show up 15 minutes prior to your session or class. This will allow time to get ready for the class or session (change shoes, fill your water bottle, etc.) 

4. What is your cancellation policy?

Our cancellation policies depend on what you are registering for. Please refer to our Terms and Conditions Page for more details about our cancellation policies as they vary depending on the program or session.  

5. Will I receive a confirmation about a booking or registration?

Currently, our booking software for our drop-in classes, treadmill sessions and shoot centre sessions do send out a confirmation email. If you are uncertain about your booking or registration status, please contact us! We would be happy to help. 

Attack Class or Team Session Questions

Classes or Team Session Qs

1. What should my athlete bring to a class or session?

We recommend that athletes wear the same clothing that they would wear to be active in - t-shirt, shorts, long sleeve shirt, track pants, hoodie, etc. Clean, dry shoes are mandatory in our facility. Please also bring a water bottle!  

2. How long are the classes or sessions?

Classes and team sessions can range from 45 minutes to 60 minutes. It depends on the type of session that you are participating in. 

3. Can I register my two kids (ex. 9 year-old and 11 years old) in the same class?

Please contact us and we would be happy to discuss this option for you! 

Skating Treadmill Questions

Treadmill Qs

1. What ages are appropriate for the skating treadmill?

We feel that the skating treadmill is appropriate for most ages. We offer a beginner 'Learn to Skate' session to help young athletes gain the confidence they need in order to be successful in their chosen on-ice program. It is also a great place to learn because it is warm and athletes fall less.  

2. Is it okay for my athlete to 'wear' their game skates on the skating treadmill?

Absolutely! We recommend the same equipment that would be worn during a game be worn on the treadmill. We have stick wraps to protect your favourite stick too! We also suggest having a separate pair of blades to use on the skating treadmill or at the ODR.  

3. Does the skating treadmill dull skates? How often do I have to sharpen my athlete's skates?

The treadmill is said to dull skates roughly 2x faster than a normal on-ice session. That being said, it is entirely up to you how often you sharpen skates as it is a personal preference! 

4. What happens if my athlete falls on the treadmill?

Our safety harness catches the athlete and suspends them in the air for a few seconds until our instructor is able to quickly turn off the machine.


5. What should my athlete bring to a session on the treadmill?

While we recommend full equipment, your helmet, gloves and shin pads are mandatory. Not all sessions will require the use of a stick. We also suggest a water bottle!  

Shooting Centre Questions

Shooting Centre Qs

1. What should my athlete bring to a session in the shooting centre?

In the shooting centre, we require skates, gloves, helmets and a water bottle! Along with athletic clothing.  

2. Does the synthetic ice dull skates?

It can affect the sharpness of your skates but not as much as our skating treadmill! 

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