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Our Philosophy

Our Why

Athlete development requires an incredibly high standard of contemporary knowledge, science and technology. At Attack Sports, we aim to re-define athlete development by incorporating multi-sport training, physical literacy, professional hockey coaching and Sport For Life principles. Research suggests that athletes who cross-train tend to excel in their chosen sport at the elite level due to excellent body control, understanding of strategic and tactical principles and well-rounded strength. In addition, we provide shooting, skating and stick-handling development in our unique facility. This is the Attack Sports formula for developing competent, confident and knowledgeable athletes. 

Our Method

We utilize the Canadian Long Term Athlete Development Model (LTAD), which was recently renamed the Long Term Sport and Physical Activity Development Model, as the foundation for all of our programs. Through this model, we apply fundamental movement skills, physical growth and motor development theories, physical literacy and windows of trainability. This establishes the foundation for more complex movements and sport-specific skills. 

Our early-age programs focus on increasing physical literacy and introducing and developing fundamental movement skills. As athletes move through to adolescence, multiple sports are introduced along with domains of fitness - agility, conditioning, mobility, quickness, speed and strength. 

Once an athlete has established a solid foundation, sport-specific skills can be refined and domains of fitness can be pushed to the elite level. 

At Attack Sports, we encourage and promote athletic development but more importantly, we want to emphasize physical activity for life. 

Our Facility

Attack Sports Facility Tour

Training Area

Our training area is approximately 1500 square feet and has a turf surface with shock-absorbing underlay. This is where we complete all our classes and team sessions. 

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Our classroom is where we complete educational sessions to aide in the development of the complete athlete. We work on leadership skills, nutrition and mental training skills. Other classes are coming soon!

Skating Treadmill

Our skating treadmill is a great way to work on your conditioning, stride and skating with the puck ability. Sessions allow for direct communication about skating technique from one of our instructors in a controlled environment. 

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Front Desk & Lobby

Our front desk and lobby area is outfitted with couches, a coffee and tea station as well as a live stream of our training area so you are able to watch what is going on in the back! We also have a PS4 for family members to play while waiting for their siblings!

Shooting Centre

Our shooting centre is outfitted with synthetic ice and boards surrounding our surface. We have an electronic passer coupled with industry-leading instruction to develop your shot and reading the goaltender.  

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Weight Area

Coming soon...

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