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Shooting Centre

Our state of the art shooting centre is fitted with synthetic ice to work on the art of receiving a pass and shooting the puck. All of this is coupled with our industry-leading instruction to help you improve your shot, stickhandling skills and passing technique

                                                                                  PRIVATE 1 on 1 INSTRUCTION                    

30 Minute Session                                                              $47.00 +GST                                   

10 Pack (30-minute sessions)                                                            $429.00 +GST                               

Passing Add-on (15 minutes)                                                      $15.00                     


Types of Sessions

We offer private sessions in our shooting centre that are suitable for one or two people. Our sessions are with an Attack Sports instructor who will provide instant corrective feedback throughout the entire session. If two individuals are participating in the session, the minutes will be split between the two of you. Otherwise, sessions will be solely for the individual who purchased the session. 

Levels of Sessions 

We have three different levels of sessions. 

  • Beginner Sessions:

    • Focus on using the right technique to get the most out of your shot

  • Intermediate Sessions: 

    • Focus on putting the right mechanics together and working on area shooting, i.e. picking corners 

  • Advanced Sessions:

    • Focus on continuing to put the right mechanics together and working on reading the goaltender and their positioning 

Types of Sessions & Durations

We have five teaching focuses during our sessions: 

  • Proper shooting technique

    • Inside and Outside foot​

  • Shooting in stride​

  • Shooting for power

  • Shooting for accuracy 

  • Improving quick release 

Session duration: 

  • 30 Minute Sessions: approximately 22-25 minutes of shooting 

  • Shooting time varies due to natural breaks, rest time and instruction. These times vary between athletes and from session to session

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