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Team On-Ice Training


Attack Sports will provide all training tools plus 2 certified instructors to visit and run your 60-minute practice.


Teams can choose from a variety of skills-based practices such as:

  • Station-based practice

  • Powerskating

  • Skating with the puck (stickhandling focus)

  • Shooting and Scoring (Forwards) and/or Developing Dman (Defensemen) specific training

  • Power Play and/or Penalty Killing specific training

  • Hockey Concepts taught through Small Area Games (SAGs)

  • Customize your practice with our coaching staff

  • Performance Testing - skating evaluations

    • Use of our state-of-the-art timing equipment (along with 4 staff members)




1 On-Ice Training Session                                                                           $229+GST                       


2 On-Ice Training Session                                                                           $429+GST                                      


3 On-Ice Training Session                                                                           $599+GST   


Performance Testing                                                                                   $299+GST   

  • ONE (1) Session - Skating Tests (can be designed to meet team specifics)

  • State of the art timing equipment and athlete data provided to Team Manager

  • 4 Attack Sports staff members to facilitate timing stations

    • 15 minutes is required for equipment set-up time​

    • 45 minutes required to complete testing of athletes

What our Program Includes

  • 60-minute on-ice training sessions

    • Ice costs are paid for by each team

  • Initial collaboration discussion with coaching staff to ensure targets are being met for athletes

  • On-ice skill development are designed to improve overall skill with a specific focus in mind

Cost Analysis 

Note: Each of our sessions are for teams up to 17 players.

  • However our Performance Testing is up to 15 players, as we currently do not test goalies. 

  • 1 On-Ice Training Session $229+GST  for 15 skaters, $15.26 per athlete. 

  • 2 On-Ice Training Sessions $429+GST  for 15 skaters

    • $215 a session, $14.30 per athlete (per session)

  • 3 On-Ice Training Session $599+GST  for 15 skaters

    • $199 a session, $13.31 per athlete (per session)

  • Performance Testing $299+GST  for 15 athletes, $19.93 per athlete 

    • ONE (1) testing sessions

    • Includes state of the art timing equipment and athlete data provided ​to Team Manager

    • Ice cost is booked and absorbed by the team.

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