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Our 'Athlete Development' Team

At Attack Sports you will find honest, industry-leading instructors and coaches who truly care about developing the 'whole' athlete. Our athlete development team helps to build a pathway for all young athletes by integrating not only the physical and technical components of a successful athlete but also injury management and prevention, mental skills, leadership and nutritional components to become a successful athlete both in and out of their chosen discipline. 

We take the approach of developing community athletes, coaches and parents. We advocate the importance of non-specialization at a young age as this has proven to lower the risk of burnout and decrease injuries. Ultimately we want to help keep young athletes active and playing sports. 

We strive to constantly create a continuous learning environment where well-rounded athletes can thrive within any sport and continue the path of life-long physical activity. 

Our Team

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Darrin Harrold

Director of Operations

Bio coming soon... 

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