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There are many benefits to having your child participate in other sports.  Most sports complement each other with transferable skills such as:

  • Speed (Quickness) and Agility

  • Hand-eye coordination

  • Rhythm

  • Balance and Coordination

  • Explosiveness

  • Strength (core strength and stability)

  • Decision-making skills (attacking and defending concepts)

Most sports or activities encourage athleticism, rhythm and decision-making skills which are all transferable skills when choosing a particular sport later on in a young athlete's career.


Our nutrition specialist (Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified) will give athletes the knowledge and tools they need to understand how nutrition influences a person’s health and fitness. Plus the ability to use that knowledge in their everyday lives and sporting activities.


Sports demand movement in all directions. The human body is designed to move in all directions, therefore training should include movement in all directions. The three basic movement directions are forward/backward, side to side and rotation movements. 

Too often the training programs of our young athletes omit this very important aspect or have an overemphasis on forward/backward exercises.

Most of what our young athletes do every day – walking, running, reaching, turning, lifting, placing, and every other movement or combination of movements in between involve lateral or rotational components. For this reason, at ATTACK SPORTS Inc all of our young athletes train in all directions, the way the body was meant to move and in ways that will keep them strong, agile, and mobile.  The cornerstone of a well rounded athlete.


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