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All our sessions/camps are appropriately paced to challenge all skaters with activities/drills that are both innovative and unique. Drill progression and repetition will allow each player to be an active participant in their own skill development. Each athlete's overall development as a complete player is directly related to his or her skating ability.


Here at Attack Sports, it is our goal to make each player a stronger competitor with increased confidence in their abilities. 

All of our camps are for highly motivated and/or skilled athletes who are eager to learn, work extremely hard, and willing to compete outside of their comfort zone. 

All of our Hockey Camps include a low athlete to instructor ratio

  • 8:1 (athletes to instructors) at very most

    • More instructor feedback

    • Station-based practices for maximum skill development​​

      • More puck touches

      • More shots

      • More engagement 

    • Maximum work to rest ratio

    • MORE FUN!!!



All of our camps focus on (or have elements) each of the following INNOVATIVE SKILLS camps:


    • Powerskating


    • Skating with the Puck


    • Shooting and Scoring


    • Checking Skills




  • A combination of skating development and puck control. 

    • Focus is on the fundamental techniques of skating and puck skills. 

  • Low athlete to instructor ratio

DAY CAMPS (U9, U11 and U13)

  • Two (2) ice sessions per day

  • One (1) dryland training session per day

  • One (1) multi-sport / team sport session per day

  • Station-based age appropriate on-ice training sessions

    • Low athlete to instructor ratio (8:1)​

  • Strong emphasis on skating skills

    • focus on edge work and edge manipulation

  • Focus on skating with the puck and puck placement through the use of Attack Danglers

    • Learn evasive techniques and skating with the puck at speed

  • Learn proper shooting technique

    • Build power, quick release and shooting in stride

  • Learn hockey concepts through small area games


  • Designed to expose each athlete to a number of the universal assessments (from Community Hockey Associations) in preparation for the upcoming evaluation season 

  • Skating will be a 'high priority' during this camp

    • Edge work and manipulation​

    • Explosive skating / starts

    • Passing / receiving the puck while moving at high speeds

    • Puck skills - skating with the puck

  • Each athlete will be grouped by ability in order to achieve maximum performance and results 

  • Our Pre-Evaluation camps 'MAY' also have a dryland training component to get all of our athletes ready for the upcoming season


  • Expose each athlete to the value of competing (both safely and with respect) through small area games (SAGs), competitive drills and body contact.

  • Instruction will include: 

    • Defensive and offensive techniques and strategies ​

    • Safe/effective body positioning 

    • Driving to the net

    • Corner battles 

    • Board play 

    • Net presence (offensive/defensive)

    • Checking skills and techniques 

    • Angling to initiate an attack 

    • Winning 50/50 battles 

  • Your athlete is NEVER too young to participate in our BATTLE CAMPs​ (unless age-specific)

    • All athletes will be ability grouped

Coincide with Hockey Canada's Developing Skilled Defensemen Pathway. Our program has a heavy emphasis on defensemen skating fundamentals and tactical drills. 


Our camps focus on: 

  • Skating 

    • Agility, balance and coordination ​

    • Edge control

    • Escapes

    • Pivots 

    • Puck retrievals 

    • Blueline skating -- sprints, spins, hip turns, deception and fakes 

  • Puck Control 

    • Efficiency ​

    • Smoothness 

    • Good first pass

    • Puck retrievals 

  • Shooting 

    • Eyes up ​

    • Getting pucks through 

    • Finding shooting lanes 

  • One on Ones

    • Gap control ​

  • Two on Ones

    • Read and react ​

  • Small Area Games 

    • Focusing on offence ​

  • Elite Defenseman Habits 

    • Stick on puck and sticks in lanes ​(Active Sticks)

    • Read and react

    • Reading the attack 

    • Gap control 

    • Protecting the ice between the dots 

    • Body positioning and body contact 


Coincides with Hockey Canada's Developing Skilled Offensive Players. Our program has a heavy emphasis on proper shooting techniques/fundamentals, evasive skating skills and tactical drills. 

Our camps focus on:

  • Skating

    • Agility, balance and coordination ​

    • Edge control 

    • Escapes 

    • Pivots

    • Puck retrievals 

  • Shooting 

    • Shooting basics ​

    • Shooting in motion

    • Shooting off a pass

  • Shooting Concepts 

    • Stationary shots ​

    • Shots in motion 

    • One-timers 

    • Quick-release 

    • Changing puck angles 

    • Shot off a pass

    • Forehand to backhand 

    • Backhand to forehand 

    • Shooting for sticks 

  • Shooting Areas 

    • In tight​

    • Dot wide alley 

    • Slot 

  • Scoring Situations 

    • Clear shots ​

    • Zone entries 

    • Net drives 

    • Breakaways

    • Rebounds 

    • Low to high plays 

    • East to west plays

    • Below goal line 

    • Deflections 

    • Screens 

  • Small Area Games 

    • Focusing on offensive ​

  • Elite Offensive Habits 

    • Puck protection​

    • Shot selection 

    • Creating space

    • Changing pace

    • Changing angles 

    • Anticipation 

    • Compete

    • Deception 

    • Courage and willingness

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