At Attack Sports we offer a variety of programs and sessions available for all ages! Our programs and sessions are based on the Canadian LTAD model as outlined by Sport for Life. We bring the principles of physical literacy, fundamental movement skills and a multi-sport philosophy to our program design. 

Our instructors are well versed in these concepts and passionate about instructing, leading and teaching! We want help you develop the skills you need to be confident, competent and successful in whatever it is you choose to do! 

Many of our programs are built around the pillars of agility, conditioning, mobility, multi-directional training and strength. Our programs are age-appropriate and incorporate a variety of activities, drills, games, skills and techniques. We ensure the safety of our participants and monitor the technique of all new movements introduced and throughout the training process. 

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Youth & Kids

Classes available for ages 5-15 years old. We have registered programs and drop-in classes! We focus on fundamental movement skills and build our programs off long-term development models and physical literacy.  

Details & classes coming soon!

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Girls Only

Girls only classes for ages 10-15 years old. We have registered programs and drop-in classes for girls only. We offer a girls-only environment focusing on fundamental movement skills and development models. 

Details & classes coming soon!


Our adult classes offer an early morning workout or that mid-day opportunity to get a workout in. Classes range from 45 minutes to an hour and promote the active for life mindset through our programming.

Details & classes coming soon!

Team Sessions

Our team sessions are designed for teams of 10-20 athletes to complete training sessions together. Sessions are customizable to the needs of your team as we offer several different focuses! All sessions are 60 minutes long.


Details & sessions coming soon! 

Small Group

Small group sessions are designed for 2-6 people with the same training focus in mind. Sessions are customized to the goals and needs of the group as our instructor will work with you to tailor your sessions! 

Details & sessions coming soon!

One on One

Our one on one sessions is 60 minutes long where you will be matched with the instructor best suited to your goals and needs. One on one sessions is a great way to work towards that push to achieve your fitness goals! 

Details & sessions coming soon!