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Youth Programs

Our youth programs are designed for ages 5 to 15 years old. Current participation in an activity or sport is not necessary to enrol in one of our classes! We offer a variety of options for each of our classes to accommodate your schedule and needs. 

All of our youth programs are registered classes that run for 4 to 6 weeks depending on the class. Each class is an hour-long (60 minutes). We also provide the option of registering for one class per week or two (depending on the class). If you would like more information about the classes, please contact us! 

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Lil' Attackers

For 5-6 years olds: an introduction to sport through fundamental movements! Build the foundation for sport by developing skills such as run, jump, skip, catch, throw and kick! Our Lil' Attackers will be ready for any new sport. In addition we introduction of sport elements each week which may include: basketball, floor hockey, minor games, soccer and T-ball. 

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Ages 7 to 9

In our 7-9 year old class, we work on the ability to quickly change direction and be more explosive while maintaining balance and improve techniques to maximize your endurance, performance and recovery. We emphasize basic movements through fun activities, circuit training, drills, games and relays. Here we lay the foundation for safe movement mechanics and development. 

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Ages 10 to 12

In our 10-12 year old class, we work on multi-directional training and endurance, performance and recovery techniques as well as introduce the concepts of mobility and strength. Mobility is the ability to move effectively and efficiently to improve athletic performance. For strength, we focus on the basics and emphasize safety and technique. Activities, drills and games are fun and develop the whole body.

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Ages 13 to 15

In our 13-15 year old class, we work on multi-directional training with an additional emphasis on reaction time as well as endurance, performance and recovery techniques. For mobility, we address any aspects that may limit movement and athletic performance. And in terms of strength, we will continue to build upon the basics of training and introduce different styles of training including endurance, power and strength. Safety and fun are emphasized through our fun activities, drills and games.  

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Drop In Classes

We offer drop-in classes for our 7-9 year old and 10-12 year old age groups. Our drop-in classes provide the opportunity to try one of our classes before registering for a 6-week program!

Drop-in classes will vary on the concepts covered in each session. Activities, drills and games will be dependent on the number of participants in each session. 

Be sure to check the schedule to see when our next drop-in sessions are happening!


Youth Yoga

Youth yoga classes are coming soon! 

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