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Attack Performance Training

Seasons Offered: All Seasons

Taking Enrollments: Yes

Program Details

The Attack Performance Training (APT) program is our world class system that utilizes cutting edge training methods to guarantee the success of every athlete that walks through our doors.

Some features of the APT:

  • Complete testing battery including full body movement assessment

  • Data presentation and goal setting with an Attack Performance Coach

  • Individualized training program to target specific weaknesses and movement deficiencies

  • Small athlete:coach ratio during each session

Our certified and professional coaches create and personalize programs based on each athlete's needs that produce results that your coaches, teammates, and most importantly, YOU will notice. These programs are specific to the individual athlete's sport, position, and needs.

The APT is recommended for athletes looking for the highest quality training. This program is offered year-round and has many scaling options. Please contact if interested.

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