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Life-Long Athlete

Seasons Offered: Summer/Fall/Winter

Taking Enrollments: Yes

Program Details

Life-Long Athlete is Attack’s Adult training system that utilizes world-class coaching and blends all researched methods of training while relying on scientific principles for fitness. Whether it's losing weight, getting back to being in game shape, running a marathon, or being able to keep up with your kids, these classes follow an athletic model that will help you achieve your goals.

The name Life-Long Athlete comes from our well rounded philosophy that adult training should follow a multifaceted approach. Our programs integrate various training methods such as:

Strength training, multi-dimensional movement skills, speed/agility/jumping, mobility, cardio, stability, high-intensity training, energy systems development, interval training, and body weight training systems.

What The Life-Long Athlete Program Includes

  • Elite coaching from our experienced staff.

  • Access to up to 6 Life-Long Athlete training sessions (1 hour) per week.

  • Free goal-specific training plans. Want to train for a marathon or improve your golf game? We'll alter the program to fit your goals.

  • Showers for when you are on-the-go.

  • Accountability. Your coach cares. When you miss, we will reach out to you to check up on you!

  • A culture that instills a fun and winning mindset.

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