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Group/Team Strength & Conditioning

Our staff prides themselves in creating a holistic training program that works in unison with a busy sport schedule.

Close collaboration with the sport coach allows our staff to push athletes when necessary and taper training to peak during crucial times of the season.


Gone are the days of coming up with a random workout 10 minutes before the team comes in.


Training at Attack Sports is for teams looking for top performance and athletic development, not just to check a box.

Team Training Pic 1.png
Team Training Pic 3.png


The prices below reflect the price of individual training sessions. See the following section when purchasing multiple sessions.


Contact for package pricing or any other inquiries.

3-6 Participant Strength Training

1 Hour


7-9 Participant Strength Training

1 Hour


10-12 Participant Strength Training

1 Hour


13-17 Participant Strength Training

1 Hour


Package Pricing

Teams are encouraged to purchase training sessions in bulk for many reasons:

  • Reduced price.

  • Training program continuity. Our S&C staff create programs with the end in mind. Not knowing when the next session will be or how often a team plans on coming in limits continuity and reduces the effectiveness of the program.

  • Athlete testing. Testing allows our staff to pinpoint the needs of the team and write a program that targets these needs. Booking single sessions does not allow for testing.

  • Athlete-Coach relationship. Athletes respond better to people that they trust. Stronger relationships are formed when both parties know there will be consistent encounters in the future.

  • Better overall product. Combining all of these variables results in way more value for teams.

*Package price varies depending on team size and the number of desired sessions*

Please email to get a quote for your team

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