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Strength Training Tier 2: No Stone Unturned

This is for the athlete who wants to maximize every single aspect of their performance. Only athletes who are willing to chase excellence are permitted into this group. Space is limited, and candidates are selected through our application process.

What's Included

  • Everything included in Tier 1

  • Variable number of training days suited to the demands of the season schedule

  • Interactive sports science resources that leave no stone unturned in the athletic development process. These resources are delivered in a curriculum format that requires the completion of homework by the athlete and includes:

        Nutrition Resources:

        -Understanding Macronutrients and What it Takes to Eat Like a Performance Athlete

        -Grocery Shopping for Performance Athletes

        -Easy Cooking Strategies for Performance (including 100 recipes)

        -Performance Nutrition on a Budget (including 50 recipes)

        -Eating out and on the Road

        -Daily Protein Tracker

        -Using Supplements to Aid Nutrition

        -Navigating Alcohol as an Athlete

       Recovery Resources:

        -Understanding What Recovery is and Why It’s Crucial for Athletes

        -Self Myofascial Release and Foam Rolling Effectively (includes 3, 10-minute rolling routines)

        -Mobility Routines for Performance Athletes

        -Making Recovery Enjoyable and Building a Sustainable Recovery Routine

       Sleep Resources:

        -Understanding the Importance of Sleep and How to Use it as an Athletic Weapon

        -Prioritizing Sleep and Building a Strong Nighttime Routine to Improve Sleep Duration and Quality

        -Journaling and Reading Before Bed

        -To Nap or Not to Nap?

       Mindset Resources:

        -Understanding the Importance of a Strong Mindset for Athletes

        -Establishing Controllable and Uncontrollable Factors of Athletic Performance

        -Defining Athletic Success

        -Goal Setting

        -Resilience Development

        -Concentration, Attention, and Focus Development

        -Understanding and Developing Confidence

        -Developing and Utilizing Intrinsic Motivation

        -Coping With Performance Anxiety

        -Performing in Pressure-Filled Situations

        -Building Self-Discipline

        -Reading as an Athlete (includes 15 must-read books for athletes)

        -Navigating Emotions and Positive/Negative Thoughts During Practice and Games

        -Returning From Injury and Battling Setbacks

  • Guaranteed satisfaction or your money back*


$825/month (minimum 4 months required)

This package currently has no spots available. Fill out our application form to be in line when space opens up.

Have Any Questions?

Picking the right option is important for continued success on your athletic journey. Book a short meeting with one of our strength coaches to find out which training package is best for you.

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