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ONE (1) SESSION - $175.00

FOUR (4) PACK - $600.00

Must be used within 2 months

EIGHT (8) PACK - $1100.00

Must be used within 4 months

TWELVE (12) PACK - $1500.00

Must be used within 6 months


(Must be signed prior to participation)



  • Make note of what day you are looking to book 

  • Select which package type you would like to book

  • Send an email to and include your requested session date and time

    • Please include the team name, age division and sport in the email along with your name and phone number. ​

  • You will receive a confirmation email within 24 hours of your request if your session is approved​​

  • If you need to change your session time or date, please email us as soon as possible. 

  • Payments can be made upon arrival at the Attack Sports Facility.

    • Please have credit card ready on arrival.

  • E-Transfer - use

  • Or you can call us to book at 403-863-2016.

  • We also offer online booking! To book your sessions, an account is required! Please use your team name as your account information! Any questions please call or email! 



Our team training sessions are designed for teams of 10-15 athletes to complete training sessions together. Sessions are customizable to the needs of the team as we offer five different team training sessions and four different pricing packages.  Click here for our hockey specific programming that includes use of our skating treadmill.

Our training sessions are all 60 minutes long with one of our instructors guiding the team through the exercises and movements. We offer five different session options:

  • Conditioning - Maximize your team's endurance, performance and recovery through aerobic activities, drills and games. Our sessions include running, circuit training and interval training. We start with the basic movement and gradually introduce more complex activities. Sessions will focus on your team's sport and goals!

    • 8-10 year old class -  Emphasize basic movements through fun activities and games!

    • 11-12 year old class - Build on the basic movements and introduce more complex techniques to further enhance your skills!

    • 13-15 class - Focus on incorporating more complex techniques and
      preparation for competition!


  • Mobility - Sessions focus on different movements to address all aspects that may limit movement and athletic performance. Our goal is to improve your ability to move effectively and efficiently.

  • Speed, Agility & Quickness - In the class we will work on the ability to quickly change direction and be more explosive while maintaining balance and speed. Acceleration, deceleration, direction changes with proper posture, quickness, reaction time and stabilization are the focuses. Sessions can be customized to your team's sport!

    • 8-10 year old class - Emphasis is on learning safe movement mechanics as our speed, agility and quickness foundation!​​

    • 11-12 year old class - Incorporate more balance exercises through relays and games!

    • 13-15 year old class - Focus on the quickness aspect that emphasizes ability to react and make directional changes.

  • Strength - Throughout our strength sessions, we will introduce different styles of strength training while maintaining a safe environment with an emphasis on technique. We will gradually introduce different types of equipment! Exercises will be whole body and focus on your team's sport and goals.

  • Strength & Conditioning - A combination session of strength and conditioning where we will focus on basic movements and gradually introduce more complex activities and exercises. Our sessions will be primarily circuit or interval training based on your team's needs.

Please contact us at to let us know which session option your team has selected for your training sessions!


  • Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled time. 

    • This will allow your athlete enough time to get ready for their training session.

    • Failure to arrive 15 minutes prior to your scheduled training session may result in your training session cut short in scheduled time.

  • 'No Shows'

    • If an athlete does not show up during their scheduled time, they forfeit their time slot and will not receive a re-fund for their missed appointment.  

    • If the athlete is late for their appointment, ATTACK SPORTS staff will try and accommodate the training sessions, but may not be able to depending on how busy the schedule is for that particular late arrival.​

  • Full workout gear is recommended (shorts/active pants, t-shirt, long sleeve or hoodie)

    • Clean shoes are MANDATORY​

PLEASE NOTE: By booking a training session with ATTACK SPORTS Inc. you are agreeing to these terms and conditions.


What ages are appropriate for your dryland sessions?

What should my athlete bring to their training session?

  • We recommend that athletes wear the same equipment they would on the ice. 

    • We have stick wraps to protect their favourite weapon.

    • It may be a good idea to have an additional pair of 'blades'.  These would be a great addition for the ODR and the Mill Zone.


Do you have water available of the athletes?

  • We have a start of the art Elkay water bottle filing station

  • We also sell our very own ATTACK SPORTS shaker bottles

    • Shaker bottles are $9.99 which also includes a Thrive 'BLAST' (premium antioxidant beverage)

      • Kids love BLAST - which is healthy alternative to your typical sports beverages

    • Individual 'BLAST' can be bought for $3.00 per package or 2 packages for $5.00​​​