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Team Sessions

Our team training sessions are designed for teams of 10 to 20 athletes to complete training sessions together. Sessions are customizable to the needs of the team as we offer five different team training sessions and four different pricing packages. These sessions are for participants in all sports; however, we do offer hockey specific team training sessions that include use of our shooting centre and skating treadmill. 

All of our training sessions are one hour (60 minutes) long with one of our instructors guiding the team through the activities, drills, games, movements and techniques. If you do not have a preference for the session, our instructors provide a well-rounded design that encompasses all aspects of training. 

Please direct all inquires about team sessions to our facility manager at

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Maximize your team's endurance, performance and recovery through aerobic activities, drills and games. Our sessions include running, circuit and interval training. We start with the basic movements and gradually introduce more complex activities to prepare for competition. 

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Mobility Focus

Sessions focus on different movements to address all aspects that may limit movement and athletic performance. The goal in these sessions is to improve your ability to move effectively and efficiently. 

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SAQ Focused

Speed, agility and quickness (SAQ) works on the ability to quickly change direction and be more explosive while maintaining balance and speed. Acceleration, deceleration, direction changes with proper posture, quickness, reaction time and stabilization are the focuses. 

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Strength Focus

Throughout our strength sessions we will introduce different styles of strength training while maintaining a safe environment with an emphasis on technique. We will gradually introduce different types of equipment. Exercises will be whole body focused. 

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Strength & Con.

A combination session of strength and conditioning where we will focus on on basic movements and gradually introduce more complex activities and movements. Sessions are primarily circuit or interval training based. 

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