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Team Dryland Training

Why Choose Attack?

At Attack Sports, our overall programs are designed with our athletes in mind. By providing a comprehensive program that includes not only physical training ('dryland') but educational sessions as well, we are able to provide athletes with the knowledge and foundational skills to be successful. Ultimately, we want to develop the 'whole' athlete!


Training program that is flexible and athlete-centered. This means incorporating progressions and regressions into our programs so that all athletes are able to feel a sense of accomplishment at the end of their session and are continuing to work towards their own respective goals.


Our 60-minute dryland sessions focus on SAQ (speed, agility, quickness) as well as incorporating strength and conditioning.

  • Initial collaboration discussion with coaching staff to ensure targets are being met for athletes

  • Training sessions designed to improve overall athleticism of athletes such as; agility, balance, coordination, endurance, mobility, power, quickness, reaction time, speed and strength.

  • 10% OFF 'private' individual skill development sessions at Attack Sports for all team players.


Note: All Attack Sports Dryland Sessions are based on 16 athletes. For sessions that include treadmill and shooting centre instruction 16 athletes will be in the rotation and if there is a 17th athlete, there will be an additional cost. 



4 Dryland Training Sessions                                                                       $597+GST                       

10 Dryland Training Sessions                                                                     $1397+GST                                      

Customize your Package (with Add-Ons)                                                 Price Varies       

  • Prices based on 16 athletes                                      



Pre/Post Fitness Testing (extra 2 sessions)                                                                              $247+GST 

  • With our state of the art Timing Equipment and Athlete Data shared with coaches                     


Classroom (Variety of topics available)                                                                                      $97+GST                                     


1 Treadmill/Shooting Session per Athlete (can only be added to 4 sessions)                     $297+GST      

  • 30 minute shared group sessions


2 Treadmill/Shooting Sessions per Athlete (can only be added to 10 sessions)                 $497+GST    

  • 30 minute shared group sessions                                    


Note: Our Dryland sessions are for teams of up to 16, except pre/post test                                                                                     

  • 4 Dryland Training Sessions $597+GST 

    • $149.25 per session, $9.32 per athlete (per session)        

  • 10 Dryland Training Sessions $1597+GST  

    • $139.70 per session, $8.73 per athlete (per session)   ​​​

  • Pre/Post Fitness Testing (extra 2 sessions) $247+GST  for 16 athletes

    • $123.50 per session, $7.72 per athlete (per session)

    • Must purchase dryland package​​

  • Classroom $97+GST  a session, $6.06 per athlete 

  • 1 Treadmill/Shooting Session for each athlete up to 16 athletes (goalies not included)  $297+GST , $18.56 per athlete 

  • 2 Treadmill/Shooting Sessions for each athlete up to 15 athletes (goalies not included) $497+GST 

    • 2 sessions $31.06 per athlete 

    • Each session is $15.53 per athlete

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