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Athletic Therapy at Attack Sports

Attack Sports is now offering athletic therapy! For more information and to book a session with our athletic therapist, click the link below! 

What is Athletic Therapy?

Certified Athletic Therapists [CAT(C)] are healthcare professionals and qualified first responders who assess and treat all manners of musculoskeletal issues. Our Athletic Therapist, Lauren, has the experience to provide comprehensive and consistent care from the time of injury to a safe and full return to activity. 

Athletic Therapy uses a sport medicine model which includes assessment, treatment, rehabilitation and of course, education! Athletic Therapists use a variety of modalities and rehabilitative techniques including sport tissue mobilization, positional release therapy and taping to treat multiple musculoskeletal conditions. Lauren will address the injury and any contributing factors to develop a program to reduce risk of reoccurrence and get you back to what you love faster! 

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Services We Offer

All Athletic Therapy services are provided one-on-one for the duration of your session with our Certified Athletic Therapist. If your injury has not been seen by our Athletic Therapist, we recommend you start with an assessment or consultation first! 

Athletic Therapy Assessment

In this 60-minute (1 hour) long session, our Athletic Therapist will discuss the history of your injury to have a deeper understanding of what is going on with your pain and how the injury happened. Next, we will complete a posture assessment and complete a basic functional assessment. Then we will evaluate your movement and strength followed by some more detailed assessment techniques. Once we have an idea of what is going on, we will discuss a plan for moving forward and what will be the best course of action for you! Finally, you will receive a little bit of treatment for your injury time permitting! 

Athletic Therapy Treatment - 30-minute or 60-minute 

During your treatment session, we will do a brief check-in to see how you are feeling and complete some basic tests to evaluate how our treatment and rehab is progressing for you. The focus of the session is on treatment time and introduction (or review) of therapeutic exercises for your injury. After treatment which could include soft tissue work, cupping, mobilization, and other techniques, we will review our plan moving forward and review our goals until the next session. Your exercises will be emailed to you as well!

Athletic Therapy Consultation

Our complimentary 15-minute consultation is an opportunity for you to learn what an Athletic Therapist can do for you, get information about your injury through a brief assessment, and discuss some options that we have available for you.

Acute Injury Assessment

Injured over the weekend? Not sure what to do next? Come see our Athletic Therapist where we can discuss what happened, complete a modified assessment of your injury, and determine a plan moving forward and what is the best course of action for you. 

Virtual Appointment - 60-minute 

A 60 minute virtual appointment is great for a new injury where we can complete a comprehensive history about whatever you are dealing with as well as get you to complete movements for us to observe. If you are looking for 60 minutes of treatment, we can review exercise prescription and therapies as well as different techniques that you can do at home including trigger pointing, heat or cold therapies and foam rolling. 

Virtual Appointment - 30-minute

A 30 minute virtual appointment is perfect for review of an injury where we can check in on whatever you are dealing with and complete a quick assessment. It is also a great time to get exercise prescription and therapies, progressions in your exercises and techniques you can complete at home including trigger pointing, heat or cold therapies and foam rolling. 

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